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Hello Visitor!  Please note that this website is INCOMPLETE in that the letters S and T have not been input... all other letters have.   This site has been a work-in-progress for over 3 years for me and it has stalled.  It's been over a year since I did anything with the site... basically I burned out.  99.9% of the game listings you see have been manually entered by yours truly.  Unfortunately the letters S and T represent roughly 35% or so of the total titles... meaning inputting these two letters is going to take time and effort.  Will I ever get to them?  I guess that depends on you... Rather that sit on the site in it's incomplete state,  paying for hosting,  paying for the URL,  etc... I've decided to open shop.  Every other letter than S and T have been input and even the letters S and T have the NAMES of the games input... they are just missing the info within.  They still can be rated and reviewed if you are familiar with the game.

Here is my promise: I am going to renew the URL for this place for another year.  I've opened up to the public.  If the site takes off and there is even moderate participation,  I will continue to host and operate the site... and WILL finish S and T.  If not,  then what's the point?  It's up to you.  This review site will take participation from it's user base to be successful.  If you wish to help out with the site in any way... be it a "Official Reviewer" position,  or perhaps help with getting the letters S and T input,  please send a private message to "ADMIN".

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM Admin.
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08-04-16 UPDATE:
After some extensive testing I believe we've determined the problem that caused the original review number issue that spurred me to run the maintenance script that caused the star issues.  We're still working on the maintenance script so it doesn't cause a problem.  I believe I've gone through MOST of the reviews that lost their stars... though there are a couple left that I am using as test accounts...

Over the last month we've had very very few reviews posted.   Aside from the reviews that I've posted in testing (and otherwise),  there has been pretty much NO reviews/ratings posted.  This site will not "work" without the participation of the community.  While I have not been really promoting the site due to a few small bugs I wanted to work out first... the place HAS been getting a few visitors... and a few people have even gone so far as to register... but nothing after that.

Keep in mind that we have a forum here too.  Please use it to post issues,  comments,  complaints,  etc...

To the few who've posted reviews thus far:  THANK YOU!!  To the rest... please consider posting reviews on the games you currently own... or your favorites... etc.   If you happen to post a review of a game that's not populated (S and T titles),  I'll make sure to populate that record shortly thereafter.

Again... only together can we make this site work.  A site with xxx reviews only from FrizzleFried just isn't going to cut it... the more reviews a game has... the more ratings... the more useful overall rating becomes...thanks.


This website is dedicated to coin operated arcade video game reviews and opinions.  It was built around the idea that YOU,  the arcade enthusiast, are the best judge of what makes an arcade video game great.

Guests are welcome to browse the database but can not rate or review any of the video gamesIf you wish to rate and/or review the arcade games in the database,  you must first REGISTER.  Registration is simple and straight forward.  Once you've registered you are encouraged to rate and review as many arcade video games are you'd like.

Keep in mind that regular member's ratings and reviews will not go live until they have been reviewed and approved by management.  If you'd like to upgrade your membership to the REVIEWER group level,  your ratings and reviews will be instantly approved.  You can request an upgrade to the REVIEWER group via your PROFILE (link located at the top menu bar).  In side your profile look for the GROUP MEMBERSHIP link.

When rating and reviewing machines please keep in mind that you are doing so from the perspective of playing the game in a optimal setting with working controls,  nice looking monitor,  and (if applicable) dedicated cabinet.  Please do not rate or review games based on the beat-down conversion that uses the wrong joystick and semi-working buttons that you last played at the local watering hole.  The idea is to generate an average score for these machines in as they were intended to be played,  with correct controls,  correct cabinet (if applicable), etc.  If you feel the need to include information specific to the cabinet you played the game in,  feel free,  just don't base the whole review around it.

Ratings are weighted with GAMEPLAY coming in at 50% of the total score,  GRAPHICS coming in at 25% of the total score,  AUDIO coming in at 15% of the total score and CABINET coming in at 10% of the total score.  If the game being reviewed does NOT have a dedicated cabinet for it,  select CONVERSION from the drop down menu.   Doing so will remove the CABINET category from the equation and add the 10% weight to the GAMEPLAY category.

If you have any questions,  feel free to PM me anytime.  Have fun!


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